Feel energized, focused and balanced with every sip.

A daily wellness blend with 75 vitamins, minerals, mushrooms, ayurvedic spices and superfoods for physical health and mental performance.

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all-in-one Wellness

Replace multiple supplements and your morning coffee with an all-in-one wellness blend.

Think of Awakening as a superfood coffee packed with organic ingredients sourced directly from the earth and sea.

It's a daily ritual of calm, providing health support, energy, focus, and a more balanced feel.

THE BENEFITS of daily use

Benefits are e.g. based on the following vitamins and minerals Awakening provides: ¹Vitamin B12, ²⁺⁶Vitamin C, ⁴Vitamin D, ⁵⁺⁸Zinc, ³Magnesium, ⁷Copper

A Simple Daily Ritual
One cup a day

With 75 vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, you get all daily essentials with a single, enjoyable drink. No more searching for individual supplements – we've packed them all into your new ritual.

80% less caffeine
Forget Coffee

Awakening, made with Cacao and Japanese Matcha, offers just 20% of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee. It provides a balanced alternative with smoother, more sustained energy and focus, all without the jitters, crashes, or dependency of coffee.


The taste? Expect a delightful Masala Chai-based experience with chocolaty undertones and a hint of sweetness, all from 100% organic ingredients.

An all-in-one wellness ritual

Green Masala Chai Blend

Ingredients that work together in harmony

Our blendologists and flavourists haven’t cut corners, sourcing the most nutrient-rich and tasteful botanicals, ayurvedic spices and superfoods worldwide.

Let's get spicy
Green Masala Chai

Legends state that Masala Chai's foundations were laid among Indian emperors some 5.000 years ago. The Green Masala Chai within Awakening is inspired by that tradition and consists of seven sensational spices and Japanese Matcha to deliver that unique and well received taste. Amplified with vitamin B12 this blend ensures Energy support throughout the day.

Go Fungi

Mushrooms are earth's biggest secret! Awakening counts 6 of Mother Nature's favourite and most exceptional mushrooms like: Lion's Mane, Chaga and Reishi as well as vitamin C to supports memory and focus.

algae and leafy's

Awakening combines 7 supreme green superfoods, including Spirulina, Chlorella, and Leafy Greens, along with Pea Protein, a mineral-rich Seawater Concentrate, and Vitamin D. This blend is designed to support a healthy immune system.

So colorful

Seven exotic treasures are blended into Awakening, including vibrant Dragon Fruit, Brazilian Acai, wild Tropical Agave, and rich forest berries combined with copper to provide immunity support

Awaken to Ayurveda
Ayurvedic spices

The Ayurvedic blend in Awakening contains traditional Indian herbs and spices used for centuries. This blend includes Ashwagandha, Maca (an ancient Inca favorite), Turmeric, Himalayan salt, and Zinc, and helps provide resistance to stress.


A: To prepare, add one tablespoon into a cup of hot water and stir for 5 seconds. For easier mixing, add Awakening first, and make sure to stir after each sip to prevent Awakening from settling at the bottom of your cup. 

Drink as is, or make it a Chai Latte with milk and honey – the choice is yours. You're in control.

A: : Because Awakening uses Green Masala Chai with Matcha and Cacao, there is some caffeine – but just 20% of the amount you'd find in coffee. Instead of jitters, you get to enjoy the gentle perk of green tea and Cacao!

A: Think warm, spicy, with earthy, almost chocolate-like undertones and a hint of sweetness. You can taste a bit of everything in Awakening, which our blendologists have carefully balanced for flavor.

A: No! We don't use sugar – and we also don't add in a ton of chemical sweeteners either! The only sweetness in this drink comes from naturally sweet ingredients like Cinnamon and fruits. Want more sweetness? Here's our pro-tip: simply add honey.

A: Awakening has 100% natural and organic ingredients. It's also gluten-free and vegan

A: You'll be high on your own awesomeness, but not from the mushrooms! If you're after a magical mushroom tea, this isn't the drink for you.

A: Our company is based in the Netherlands. The finest ingredients in the world are shipped here and given to our master blendologists to create the final product we ship to you.

A: No, we don't offer samples. We put a lot of time and money into making Awakening and believe it's the best drink you can get today.

Try it – you won't regret it!

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