Our Story

In the heart of the Netherlands, amidst its iconic windmills and serene canals, a revolutionary idea was brewing. We, a passionate group of blendologists and flavorists, embarked on a quest to challenge one of the world's most beloved rituals - the morning coffee. With an ambition to infuse more wellness into every sip, Awakening was born.

A Blend New Ritual

Coffee has been an age-old ritual for many. But we often overlooked its downsides. We imagined a world where mornings were defined not by the kick of caffeine, but by a symphony of flavor and health support. Our journey took us around the globe, sourcing the most nutrient-rich and tasteful botanicals, Ayurvedic spices, and superfoods. From the ancient Masala Chai traditions of India to the mystical mushrooms of Asian lore, we embraced the essence of centuries-old wisdom.

The Blend

At the heart of our blend is the Green Masala Chai, inspired by tales of Indian emperors from 5,000 years ago. With a blend of sensational spices and Japanese Matcha, it lays the foundation for the Awakening experience.

Six exceptional mushrooms, like Lion's Mane and Chaga, bring Earth's best-kept secrets to the blend. These, combined with a mix of supreme green superfoods and exotic fruits like Dragon Fruit and Acai, make every cup a complete wellness ritual.

But we didn't stop there. Embracing Ayurveda, we infused ancient herbs and spices like Ashwagandha and Turmeric into the mix, taking both flavor and wellness to new heights.

More Than Just a Drink

Awakening isn't just about redefining your morning ritual. It's about embracing a holistic approach to wellness. This is why we're committed to giving back to our community, offering guided meditation sessions, breathwork practices, and knowledge on stress-relief.

Join Our Journey

Today, Awakening represents not just a product, but a movement. A movement towards healthier choices, mindful mornings, and a holistic approach to life.

We invite you to try Awakening, not just as a coffee alternative but as a new ritual. Together, let's reimagine mornings and craft a better, healthier world, one cup at a time.


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