Supplement Facts

A complete wellness ritual

Awakening features a robust blend of whole food-sourced ingredients, including Mushrooms, Greens, Fruits, Ayurvedic spices, ocean seawater concentrate, algae, and a comprehensive mix of vitamins and minerals. Rooted in cutting-edge scientific research, this supplement offers a balanced ritual for daily health support.

Contains it all: get all vitamins, minerals / trace elements, amino & fatty acids.

Is not overdosed: a large part of the necessary vitamins and minerals we already get from our daily diet. Supplementation with a Daily Multi should actually be a supplement, and not cause a major imbalance in the existing balance of vitamins and minerals.

Contains natural ingredients, which can be processed much more easily by the body than foreign, synthetic substances

One to two cups a day: it’s as simple as that. No more searching for individual supplements

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