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A coffee alternative with 75 vitamins, minerals, mushrooms, ayurvedic spices and superfoods for health support, energy¹, focus² and balance³ without jitterscrashes or dependency. 
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Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

No Brainer

"Coffee always led to an inevitable crash for me. Once I tried Awakening, saying goodbye to coffee was a no-brainer."



"Awakening has redefined my mornings, giving me the energy¹ support I need without the caffeine dependency I used to have".

- Sierra


'Was I in control of my coffee drinking or was coffee in control of me? Awakening gives me everything I want from a cup of Joe, all without the caffeine jitters.'


So easy

How to make

Simply add one tablespoon to a cup of water, hot or cold, or even your
preferred beverage, and give it a quick stir. Enjoy it plain or enhance with milk or honey – the choice is yours. You're in control.

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A: Think warming, spicy, with earthy, almost chocolate-like undertones and a little sweetness. You can taste a little bit of everything in Blended [Ritual], which our blendologists have carefully balanced for flavour.

A: Just the amount you would find in green tea, or 20% the amount of a regular cup of coffee.

A: Awakening has natural and organic ingredients. It's
also gluten-free and vegan.

A: No! We don't use sugar – and we also don't add a ton of chemical sweeteners in, either! The only sweetness in this drink comes from naturally sweet ingredients like cinnamon, agave and acai. Want more sweetness? Here's our pro-tip: simply add honey.

A: You'll be high on your own awesomeness, but not from the mushrooms! If you're after a magical mushroom tea, this isn't the drink for you.

A: Whoah, hold up there, we're not doctors, and we don't know anything about your medical history! Please talk with your physician about any health and dietary decisions you make.

A: Our company is based in the Netherlands. The finest ingredients in the world are shipped here and given to our master blendologists to create the final product we ship to you.

A: No, we don't offer samples. We put a lot of time and money into making Blended [Ritual] and believe it's the best drink you can get today.

Try it – you won't regret it!